Married Anti-Gay Pastor Busted Looking For Dick On Grindr And His Text Game Is The Worst

“I love making out naked.”

Another day, another homophobic person getting caught looking for dick on Grindr. It’s actually incredible how many times life proves that if you’re an anti-LGBT person, chances are you’re the gayest person around.

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This time we’ve got married father Reverend Matthew Makela from Michigan, who uses his position of authority and respect in his community to spread his negative views on same-sex attraction.

Here’s some of his work:



But just like the anti-gay politician last month, he got clocked searching for cock on Grindr. Not only that — his gay text game is rubbish:



According to website Queerty, who discovered him on the app:

In an email exchange with Queerty, Makela confirmed the authenticity of the screen captures but declined to comment.

He also told Queerty that he had ‘resigned’ from his position at the church after the story surfaced, and that his wife and senior pastor had been made aware of his extracurricular activities.

“I love making out naked”? Who says that? You’re not going to get any gay dudes’ boxers wet with that one mate. Also how does this guy expect to get any dick with cringe lines about cuddling? If being a fake gay-hating hypocrite wasn’t an insult enough to the LGBT community, his Grindr chirpse game definitely is.

Nearly as bad as “be bisexual all over me baby” from that Tinder freak the other week.


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