Ant McPartlin Lookalike Jailed For 3 Years For Stealing Deodorant

Saturday Night Takeaway.

If you’re a criminal who has a celebrity doppelganger you need to be extra careful that you never get caught, because you can be damn sure some joker at the police station is going to share your mugshot online and have you go viral in no time.

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That was the case for Cameron Marshall, 23, from Birmingham. The Ant McPartlin lookalike performed a Saturday Night Takeaway of his own when he burgled a house and ran off with deodorant and hair clippers. Haul of the century right there.

As you might expect, he was in for a roasting in the comments section of the Birmingham Police Facebook page:

Brutal stuff. Still, should have thought of that before he went around breaking into people’s houses and stealing their deodorant.

More embarrassing still, Cameron received 3 years in prison for his efforts. No doubt a budget Ant McPartlin lookalike will have a whale of a time in a Birmingham prison. Good luck to him anyway.

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