Another Disturbing Monster Has Washed Up On Russian Shores

Any ideas? It’s certainly not a haddock, that’s for sure.

A few years back a weird “monster” washed up on barren shores in Russia’s wild, wild east. It caused a bit of a fuss at the time because no one could really confirm exactly what it was. It was like those creepy Montauk monsters that washed up near Plum Island in the US. Theories and counter-theories abounded but no one was too sure what the thing was.

This is the creature that washed up on Sakhalin shoreline in the far east of Russia in 2006:

Russian Sea Monster 2006

What would have teeth like that and a face that shape?

Russian Sea Monster 2006 2

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Now we have a new contender for oddest thing to wash up out of the water. Often these creepy bald looking abominations turn out to be things like pigs or raccoons or dolphins, but this one is a bit weirder. It’s too big to be a raccoon or a pig and it has hair on its tail, so it sure ain’t no dolphin.

The following monstrosity was found by a group of fishermen near Shaktersk city on Sakhalin island (Russia’s biggest island). Click through the following slides and let us know what you reckon:

Russian Sea Monster 2015 Sakhalin - Hairy Tail

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