Anonymous Have Taken Control Of The ISIS Recruiting Facebook And Twitter Pages


#OpISIS is in full force.

Following their declaration of war on ISIS back in September, Anonymous have dealt them a major blow by taking over several Facebook and Twitter pages which they have been using for recruitment purposes.

The video below explains what happened during #OpISIS over the weekend and also explains that everyone who has taken part so far in the operations are of all creeds, religions, sexual orientations, ethnicities and nationalities joining together to fight against the hatred spread by ISIS. They sign off the video by saying that there is more to come and that this is only the beginning.

They also leave a long list of the Facebook and Twitter accounts that they have now taken over and the ones that you should be keeping an eye on – you can see this list underneath the video. The video is also soundtracked by the music from the end of Saw (and countless other movies) so that gives it another few points from me as well, as if the work that Anonymous is doing isn’t awesome enough already. > Rachid Abou Houdeyfa 


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