Anonymous Hacks Swedish Government E-Mails Over Seizure Of Pirate Bay Servers

Payback is a bitch.

As usual, I’m bricking it at even having to type the word ‘Anonymous’ because I know they could turn my entire world upside down with just a few strokes of their keyboards if I say anything bad about them.

So we’ll just stick to the facts — Twitter handle @AnonymousGlobo is reporting that the infamous hacktivist group have hacked into Swedish government e-mail accounts in response to Swedish authorities seizing The Pirate Bay servers on Tuesday.

The raid and seizure of servers, computers and equipment by Swedish police meant that The Pirate Bay and other torrent websites temporarily disappeared from the Internet on Tuesday but they were back online the same day, changing their web domain to .cr (Costa Rica).

Back in September, The Pirate Bay claimed their new cloud technology made their servers ‘raid-proof’, as they now have 21 ‘virtual machines’ with cloud-hosting providers around the globe.

Internet piracy is unstoppable — not sure why the Swedish government even bothers.

Hopefully Anonymous will follow through on the war they waged on ISIS too.


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