Anonymous Declare Total War On The Parents Of The Child Involved In The Gorilla Killing

Anonymous Gorilla

Can’t you focus on ISIS or Donald Trump instead guys?

The internet has been going crazy over the past few days over the shooting of Harambe the gorilla at Cincinnati Ohio, after a toddler managed to fall into his enclosure.

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Obviously it was a bit out of order to kill the gorilla – especially when it looked as though it wasn’t attacking the kid but actually trying to protect it – but without sounding insensitive there are probably thousands of things people could be getting more outraged happening every day all over the world. There are certainly more useful things that can be done even with helping the gorilla situation than trolling the kid’s parents with racist messages on social media, which is what most people seem to be doing – even though a lot of them can’t even find the right person.

Ever the beacons of righteousness in modern society though, Anonymous’ Ohio branch have decided to pick up the mantle from these people and also target the parents of the child and in particular his mother Michelle Gregg. Or more accurately ‘declare war’ on them.

Anonymous Ohio have chosen to do this by releasing the address of where Gregg works and calling for Child Protective Services to get involved by launching an investigation into her parenting. They also suggest examining the zoo’s level of response to the incident too, suggesting that it was unnecessary and unprovoked. The main blame for the incident they lay squarely at Gregg’s door though:

What the fuck was that introduction all about? Glad he finally got to the point though and although it’s fair to say that there probably should be an investigation into the incident, I don’t think it’s really necessary to give out the address and phone number of where Gregg works, especially when the guy says he wants the racism directed at her to stop. Like giving out her work address and phone number is going to stop the trolls?

Some kind of investigation should probably take place into what exactly went on and the guy is probably right to say that if Gregg had been paying more attention to her child than this would never have happened, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s an unfit parent. That’s why an investigation is probably needed into Gregg’s parenting too as it will put an end to the situation once and for all, one way or another, even if it is a painful experience for her.

I doubt even that will stop these trolls though and Gregg is going to have to put up with that for the rest of her life, even if she did just take her eyes off her kid for a minute the one time. I guess the lesson is that you can’t be too careful these days because one moment might ruin your entire life.

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