Anonymous Claim They’re About To Release A Video Of Bill Clinton Raping A 13 Year Old


The presidential race turns super dark.

Recent talk in the race for the American election has been entered around Donald Trump and his ‘locker room talk’ that actively degrades women which looks like it may have cost him the election, but if this revelation from Anonymous is true then it could turn the whole thing on its head.

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Trump has focussed on Bill Clinton’s indiscretions against women to try and take the focus off his own – even going so far as to bring four women who have accused him of sexual assault along to the debate on Sunday night – and it seems as though some members of Anonymous have joined his campaign as they’re claiming that they actually have a video of him raping a 13 year old:

Hmmm. Could this actually be possible? And if it did, could the Israeli intelligence have actually managed to shoot a video of that happening?!

It seems a little preposterous even by the standards of this election and knowing all the times that Hillary has helped Bill cover up his indiscretions, but man if it did end up coming out then that would be absolutely catastrophic news for the Clintons and probably America as a whole too. It seems unlikely that it ever will become available, but you can bet Trump is utilising a bunch of his resources to try and find it because if it does exist then that’s one hell of a wild card to play in the run up to the vote in a couple weeks.

Having said that, Trump himself isn’t much betters, as we’ve seen in the way that he actively describes wanting to hook up with his own daughter. How has it come to this?


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