Check Out These Announcers At A Baseball Game Ripping Apart These Sorority Girls Taking Selfies All Game

Sorority Girls Selfie Baseball Game

This is absolutely brutal.

The Arizona Diamondbacks recently hosted the Colorado Rockies in a baseball match, and as if going to a game of baseball could be any more boring both teams had no chance of making the playoffs so they were literally playing for no reason. They might as well have cancelled the game really.

Having said that though, if you do wind up going to a baseball match I think you should at least pay the players the courtesy of watching them, rather than just sitting around taking selfies like this dumb bunch of sorority girls. The game was actually so boring that the TV announcers decided to just watch them taking selfies for a couple of minutes and brutally take the piss out of them rather than watching the game.

To be fair, everything they say is exactly right and it seems like people are more concerned these days with looking like they’re having a good time on social media rather than actually having a good time themselves. I mean is anyone even going to believe that they’re having a good time at this boring-ass baseball game that doesn’t even mean anything!? It’s hardly the best example of image crafting is it?

I would just recommend these girls do something they might enjoy next time they go on a night out, like maybe the kind of stuff described in this angry sorority girl email that went viral a couple of years ago. That really is gold.


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