Anna Amemiya – Can Japan Get Any More Weird?

anna amemiya

The Japanese are renowned for their weird shit. This video ups the ante and assures us that their weirdness will never die.

anna amemiya

We’re no strangers to the murky world of weird at Sick Chirpse. Just take a look through the archives if you’re not a regular here. But if you’re a regular and are sat on your usual perch by the bar, you’ll know what we’ll have. Sweet, sweet scotch all round. And the next one’s on you as well. Weirdness is probably what we use to thrive off, to tell ourselves ‘shit, lads, we’re not that fucked-up, there are much more sewer-breathed weirdos out there than us,’ and it makes us feel kinda good. But spend some time at Sick Chirpse HQ and you’ll be pretty off-kelter. And that’s not just the grass. There must be something in the air…

So far, our bros in Russia top the weirdness chart at Sick Chirpse but Japan is running pretty close and this one adds another little number to their tally. I’ve never really been a fan of anime, I think it’s pretty shit, but a lot of people bum the fvck out of it – especially our crazy Japanese friends. So you can understand why they’d like this, right?


WRONG! You’ll never understand the Japanese level of craziness. The girl’s name is Anna Amemiya and she’s a model – yep, a model – who goes around wearing that freaky as fvck giant head, cracking poses and flashing her tits. It doesn’t really get me off, I actually find it pretty trippy but you can’t knock another guy’s wanking material, know what I mean?

David Merrill, some comic book journo, says that Ameyima’s decision to wear the giant head takes “cosplay” (a term for when nerds dress up as characters from anima, manga, sci-fi or fantasy) to “an ultra creepy level.” The dude’s not wrong.

Old Dai also says: “What she’s doing is ‘kigurumi,’ where adults, mostly men, dress up as creepy anime mascots, first by wearing body suits to compress their figures before slipping on the costumes, but this is the first time I’ve seen an adult wear the mask like this though. It’s very fetishy – like a gimp mask.”

I’ve decided, after watching this video, that I’m really not into fetish shit at all. Especially as Japan seems to go at it so much harder than everyone else. That fvcking mask has burned into that space behind my eyeballs.

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