Angry Nan Completely Loses It On Camera Because Chris Maloney Makes It Through To X Factor Final

Chris Maloney

Chris Maloney’s a funny kind of guy.

Check him out, he’s in the X-Factor final and he can’t even sing. Anyone who accomplishes that deserves some credit. Tulisa should be made a Dame or some shit because she’s made it onto the judges panel and all she’s good at is sucking cock.

It’s also obvious that everyone loves ripping the piss out of Chris Maloney. You only have to log onto Twitter on a Saturday night to see the floods of jokes about how Chris is gonna end up on a gay cruise ship for the rest of his life. But I feel for the guy – he’s just a nice dude with a heavy heart who’s smelt a bit of success and is trying to make it. Can’t knock someone for that. He could be doing a lot worse. He could be in the situation, where the only people who vote for him (Northern Nans) finally come to the realisation that he is actually shit, and that Jahmane has a much better sob story. Well it looks like that might just have happened.

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Here’s a video of some angry woman completely losing her shit in front of the telly because Chris Moloney’s been voted through to the X-Factor final. She voted for Union J 5 times too, no wonder she’s pissed off. Check it:

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