New Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds creators enlist NASA to promote sequel to global game.

ANGRY BIRD lovers behold – ANGRY BIRDS SPACE lands at your app-happy fingertips on MARCH 22nd.

The original mobile game has nested in Smartphones across the globe since touching down in late 2009, and has had over 500 million downloads to date. The game’s follow-up promises plenty of egg-swiping pigs for annihilation, helped by flocks of those temperamental, hypertensive birds we’ve come to love and cherish.

In fact Angry Birds is so revered, that none other than Don Pettit of NASA filmed an actual simulation of the upcoming game-play using a toy, eggs and a balloon – but get this – he did it in outer space. Ok, I’m lying. He did it at the International Space Station in zero-gravity conditions though, so it seems like he was in space. Anyway, what does all this mean for your Angry Birds?

I’ll let Don take this one. He’s much smarter than me.

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