Andrew Tate Posts Up Weird Rant About People Not Having Enough Gas In Their Cars

Weird post to stick up when he’s in jail.

Andrew Tate might be wasting away in a Romanian prison right now, but that hasn’t stopped his associates posting content on his various social media accounts so he can maintain his control over our children, but some of the stuff they’re posting is a bit questionable even by Tate’s standards.

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This latest video was clearly recorded before Tate was arrested and shows him sitting on a couch in an apartment somewhere going on a pretty bizarre rant about people who don’t keep at least half a tank of gas in their cars for emergencies. Not really sure why something like that annoys him so much – especially when he even starts the video by saying that it really takes something exceptional to grind his gears.

Anyway, take a look at it below and see what you think:

That’s such a weird rant and such a strange thing for him to get triggered by. I’ve also gotta ask why he even hangs out with so many people that don’t have gas in their car or don’t have their phones charged, like how are there so many of them around? I hang out with a bunch of people all the time and it’s very rare that anyone’s phone runs out of battery or they need to put gas in their cars, so surely Tate is just hanging out with losers by his own defintion?

Such a strange video to put out there but I’m sure his followers will lap it up like they do with everything Tate puts out there. Sheep.

For more of the same, check out Andrew Tate’s best friend explaining what’s really going on in Romania. Wonder if he knows what he’s talking about.


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