VIDEO: Amir Khan’s Attackers Respond To Allegations That He Beat The Shit Out Of Them. Wearing Masks. (NSFW)

masked thugs amir khan response

A video has surfaced of Amir Khan’s attackers claiming that they beat the crap out of him not the other way round and that he’s a wasteman and if he ever sets foot in Birmingham again they’ll batter him. It’s bare jokes.

masked thugs amir khan response

Props to my main man Ben Robinson for this one, I dunno if he realises that I actually went to school with him or not though, which makes the fact that he sent us in a tip even funnier. Unless he knows damn well who I am, in which case by writing this I just looked like a complete chump. What’s new huh?

Anyway a couple of days ago we posted this story about Amir Khan and his brother Haroon beating up some fools who tried to steal his Range Rover whilst he was out partying in Birmingham at some Shisha Lounge in Digbeth. It was pretty jokes, I mean what kind of fools would try and pick on Amir Khan right, he’s a world champion boxer you know? Or a former world champion boxer as one Sick Chirpse reader who is also a boxing nerd was eager to point out? In any case, Amir Khan’s dad told him off for fighting and I thought I probably  never really have to think about him again until he was spotted in the crowd at a Bolton match or did something else stupid, which was probably gonna be a while considering Bolton are stuck in the Championship so I won’t be tuning into any of their games any time soon and Amir Khan doesn’t seem to do that many stupid things.

Boy was I wrong, as I said earlier Ben Robinson alerted me to this gem of a video on YouTube. Apparently Amir Khan’s attackers are calling shit on his story and are saying that instead of him battering them, that they actually battered him and stole his gucci bag and his Louis Vuitton wallet and his Porsche keys and also got a picture of his uncle’s passport, which they are threatening to put on the internet. I don’t know what kind of a threat that is, but it sounds serious. Also all the stuff in the video could easily be anyone’s so it doesn’t really corroborate their claims but the fact of the matter is that the video has Sick Chirpse all over it.

This complete rudeboy is wearing a mask and just completely calling Amir Khan out for two minutes, calling him a waste man repeatedly and telling him that if he ever comes back to Birmingham than him and his boys are gonna kick the fvcking shit out of him (again) and even showing a video of an Amir Khan fight where he gets battered to illustrate the point that there is no way that Amir Khan could have battered six of them. It’s hilarious because I mean, why would they even care so much? Nobody even knows who they are and by making this video they’re only going to get into more trouble because someone might actually be able to track them down and beat them up or press charges against them. But at least it’s put everyone in a good mood going into the weekend because it really is mad lolz.

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