Netflix’s New True Crime Satire ‘American Vandal’ Looks Absolutely Incredible

American Vandal

Who drew the dicks?

True crime documentaries are all the rage these days – think Making A Murderer or The Keepers – so it stands to reason that someone would create a satire series of the genre at some point. I don’t think anyone expected it to look as good as ‘American Vandal’ though.

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The series follows an aspiring high school documentarian who is investigating the possibly unjust expulsion of a senior named Dylan Maxwell, who was accused of vandalising twenty seven faculty cars by spray painting dicks on them. Dylan was the obvious suspect because he’s a known dick drawer, but he swears he’s innocent.

The series plays out over eight half an hour episodes and looks like it’s going to be very interesting indeed:

So who drew the dicks then? I guess we’ll have to wait until September 15th to find out, but you can see this being another smash hit from Netflix can’t you, because it ticks all the right boxes in terms of originality, hilarity and drama. Really excited about this one.

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