This American Sorority Recruitment Video Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Alpha Phi Sorority Recruitment Video

They’ve really gone all out here in their recruitment drive, making their sorority house look like the Playboy Mansion pretty much.

One feature that we don’t really have over here when it comes to university (which you shouldn’t really bother going to anyway) is the sorority/frat culture and after experiencing it first hand, I would definitely say it’s a plus point about the system over here. Just what exactly is the point of paying loads of money so you can be a member of some weird society and wear t-shirts with greek letters on, live in a big house with a bunch of other people you probably don’t like, engage in completely weird behaviour (there really is too much to mention but it mainly involves weird hazing and creepy rape culture) and mainly just bitch about everyone else in your frat/sorority? I don’t get it and never will.

Over in the States though it’s huge, and sororities and frats are desperate to recruit the best new talent heading to their university so later on they can brag about how their chapter is the saviour of big business or responsible for some new movie or something. Again it’s pointless but it’s a big thing over there, I don’t think we’ll ever understand it. This is exemplified by the video below from the University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi sorority who are clearly pitching big to try and land those desirable freshers this year.

The video is just completely unbelievable. It makes the $13 million sorority house look like the Playboy Mansion – and to be fair at $13 million it probably isn’t that far off being the Playboy Mansion anyway – as streams of dial a smile Barbie girl-esque girls prance around acting like they have the best time ever at Alpha Phi. They also spend a lot of time jumping in lakes wearing bikinis too, obviously. Sisterhood right? You already know that they’re playing some terrible dance track in the background to it as well right?

Basically, if you’re a dumb teenage prom queen then you’re probably going to see this and immediately decide that you want to join Alpha Phi, so in that respect it’s 100% doing its job. Every other (normal) person in the world is just going to be perplexed at how ridiculous sorority life is and how people can actually believe that this is a thing. If for you actually are an American teenager reading this, then don’t be fooled – the reality of it is probably going to be more like this.

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