American Reunion – the return of an American tradition

So this year we had Scream 4, and yesterday Die Hard 5 was announced so it seems only fitting that the American Pie series get in on the act, right? Yeah smartass I still know that the American Pie series lives on with a series of straight to video (DVD) bawdy $ex comedies that nobody has really seen called Bete House or something but we’re talking about getting the original cast members back and everything like that.

American Reunion has been announced for a while – and all the original stars of the first two movies are set to return (Oz and his girlfriend didn’t make it into American Wedding if you remember – I don’t think they were even mentioned in it!) – but this is the first teaser we’ve had of it so far. Typically for American Pie movies, it revolves around Jim’s misfortunes when masturbating. I guess some things never change, even though he’s married to Alyson Hannigan now – who strangely seems to have gotten hotter with age (granted she was never that hot to begin with but it’s still fairly impressive) – Jim still has that old sock and is still getting caught when he’s jacking one off. You think he would have got better at it by now huh?

Anyway, American Reunion is out next April and I’m pretty excited for it. Scream 4 was great and I can only hope that the American Pie team get this one right too. Judging on this trailer though – where I actually laughed a couple of times – it looks like they’re on the right track. It takes a special talent to still make masturbation jokes funny but they get you a couple of times in this one, absolutely. Check it out and let me know what you think:

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