Amber Rose Shuts Down Tyrese & Rev Run When They Try To Slut Shame Her In TV Interview

Listen and learn guys.

In 2016, the issue of consent, everyday sexism from guys towards women and just what a woman is wearing is unfortunately still a massive issue, so if you have any doubts about it then make sure you watch Amber Rose explain it perfectly in the following clip.

It’s taken from a new show on the Oprah Winfrey Network called ‘It’s Not Me, It’s Men’ (no ulterior motive there then) and it took place in a conversation between Tyrese Gibson, Rev. Run and Amber Rose. It began when Tyrese Gibson naively compared the tendency of a man to want to grope a provocatively dressed woman with a man’s desire to want to go and play basketball with a guy wearing basketball gear. Because those two things are inherently similar, of course.

Wait, no they’re not and that’s a completely ridiculous thing to say, and Amber Rose proceeds to completely shut down Tyrese Gibson in the segment. She then hands Rev. Run his ass too:

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Yeah, damn straight girl. And here I was thinking Amber Rose was just some idiot ex-girlfriend of Kanye West who got involved in ridiculous stories about putting her thumb up his ass. How wrong I was.

Seriously though, take a hint from this guys.


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