Amazon Have Changed Their Logo Icon After Comparisons To Hitler

Cancel culture gone mad.

In news that can only be described as completely stupid, Amazon have decided to change the logo of their app icon after users compared its likeness to that of Adolf Hitler.

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You might not have even noticed the new app yourself, but they put a strip of blue tape at the top of it to symbolise their branded packing tape that they put on their parcels. Some people out there however thought that they way the tape was a bit uneven/wiggly made it look a bit like Hitler’s moustache.

Yeah, not really sure how serious those people are being, but it’s definitely a comparison that has been flying around since the logo first debuted and so somewhat surprisingly, Amazon saw this criticism and moved to change the logo to a different kind of sticky tape, square with a corner turned up. Somewhat unsurprisingly, they rolled this out without an annnoucment or press release, but when quizzed on whether they changed it because of the Hitler comparisons decided to say the following:

We designed the new icon to spark anticipation, excitement, and joy when customers start their shopping journey on their phone, just as they do when they see our boxes on their door step.

Uh OK, that isn’t really saying anything but thanks for that. Obviously Hitler and his actions are triggering for many people out there and a dark piece of history that nobody wants to be associated with, but anyone that’s getting worked up about a very tenuous similarity between the app logo and the man’s face really needs to take a look at themselves, and so do Amazon for so rapidly ditching it and drawing up another one. Woke culture gone mad once again.

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