Amazon’s Launch Of An AI Robot Went Horribly Wrong

Well that backfired.

AI seems like a good idea, but it appears to screw up more often than not because there are always a load of teething issues. This is one of those times.

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Amazon Prime thought it would be a great idea to create an AI to make phone covers featuring pictures from popular internet searches. The idea works on paper, but then when you think about it and think about what people are actually searching for on the internet, it’s suddenly not such a good idea.

With the AI left to work unchecked, it soon started producing completely bizarre phone covers such as the one you can see above of an old man with a crutch in an adult diaper, someone shooting up heroin and someone doing a line of coke. Obviously these are kind of cool phone covers to have if you want to appear to be super edgy and hip, but a lot of people were outraged by them as you can see from the selection we’ve picked below:

Amazon Phone Covers 2

Amazon Phone Covers 3

Amazon Phone Covers 4

Amazon Phone Covers 5

Amazon Phone Covers 6

Amazon Phone Covers 7

Amazon Phone Covers 8

Amazon Phone Covers 9

Amazon Phone Covers 10


Amazon Phone Covers 11

Not gonna lie, that butt plug one is definitely my favourite. Imagine rocking up to a first date and seeing the guy or girl had that on their phone case. I guess it would give you something to talk about right away.

For more AI screwing up, check out when Microsoft’s chatbot went on a racist rant. Awkward.


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