Amazing 80’s Dancing From Italy

Sara Carlson is guaranteed to rupture you with joy. They don’t dance like this anymore and it’s a darned shame because it is majorly fresh.

In this modern world where vids and ads and fads and morons are trying to hijack your attention from every nook and cranny of your jam packed world, it’s difficult to know who to trust. Calgon makes your washing machine amazingly clean; Greggs make amazing cheese and onion pasties; Lawyers4U have an amazing success rate. Who can we trust to show us something actually amazing?

Well, you can trust us. This video is literally amazing, it’s a young American lady called Sara Carlson dancing on a hit Italian TV show in the early 80’s. In a massive dance off she beat 700 other hopefuls to gain the honour of gyrating across TV screens in Italia. As the music starts you will feel a wave of sickness, but if you can hold the puke in your mouth for the opening moments you will find that within seconds, your nausea turns to enchanted bemusement. An emotion that I personally do not feel often enough.

I’ve never seen anything like it, from dance moves that look like epilepsy, to men mimicking crabs, there’s even a snippet of the chicken dance. Sara is still alive and well in New York and has recently released a new album if you’re interested. If this doesn’t raise a smile you should kill yourself immediately:

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