Amanda Abbington Reveals Why She Split Up With Martin Freeman


It sounds remarkably amicable.

Martin Freeman revealed a couple of days ago that he had sadly split up with his partner of 16 years Amanda Abbington, but didn’t reveal any details other than it was ‘amicable’.

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Whilst you would be forgiven for thinking that that was all bullshit – when are splits ever ‘amicable’? – it turns out that Abingdon’s version of events is remarkably similar. Although the pair both sound fairly sad about it all, they seem to have accepted that things change sometimes and that they’re committed to moving on without each other in separate lives:

The success of Martin’s career in Hollywood (The Hobbit, Fargo, StartUp)  meant that we were spending long periods away from each other.

You can’t be away from people for too long, because you start to function on your own, and you get used to being separate [from] the person you’re supposed to be with.

You lose that connection and lose sight of it, in the end.


There was no hostility, really, we just said that we couldn’t live together anymore, so we put everything in place, he moved out to a flat in north London, I stayed at home and we’ve started a new chapter.

It is sad and it is upsetting, because you think you’re going to be with someone forever, but you either do that or you break up, and we both came to the decision that splitting was best for us,’ she said.

We’ve been really lucky to make it such a clean break, especially for the kids.

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Sounds like a remarkably mature way to deal with such a situation, although I’m sure it was still gravely upsetting for both of them. Here’s hoping they end up being happier without each other, and if you need to split up with your girlfriend then maybe take this approach rather than screaming and yelling and crying at each other all the time. Sounds a lot healthier.

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