Canadian Pole Vaulter Alysha Newman Is Preparing For The Olympics By Joining OnlyFans

Why not?

Olympic pole vaulter Alysha Newman is set to compete in her second Olympic Games this summer in Tokyo, but apparently all her fanbase seems to be interested in is when she’s going to start an OnlyFans.

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Well good news for those people on that front – Alysha took to Instagram the other day to confirm that she has indeed started up an OnlyFans ahead of the summer Olympics…

Alysha is charging $29.99 a month for non-nude pics of herself, so go ahead and sign up if you’re that obsessed to pay premium for the type of photos she puts up on Instagram for free. Although who knows? Maybe she’ll transition to nude content eventually once the subs start drying up. For her fans the hard part is over – actually convincing Alysha to start an OnlyFans.

I suspect a lot of Olympians will start taking advantage of their short-lived fame this summer by moving onto OnlyFans, so fair play to Alysha for getting ahead of the game on that one. At the end of the day she’s an elite pole vaulter competing at the Olympics, which means she’s basically hit the peak of her marketability. What better time to start an OnlyFans than right now? Gonna be a lot of poles vaulting on her profile in the coming weeks, that’s for sure (sorry).

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