Here’s Why You Should Always, ALWAYS Take Out Your Contact Lenses At Night

Just in case you needed a NSFL reminder – here it is.

If you’re someone who wears contact lenses, you already know that it’s best you take them out at night before you go to bed. Still an extra NSFL reminder can’t hurt, can it?

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A guy named Chad Groeschen from Cincinnati shared his story this week. He wore extended use contacts which for some reason he didn’t remove for a whole week. One day his eyes began to itch and so he finally took them out.

The next morning, the vision my eye started to turn cloudy.

It turns out that Chad had developed a corneal ulcer infected with Pseudomonas bacteria. Here’s how USA Today explained it:

While the contact lens is fairly porous and oxygen can reach the cornea, it still acts as a barrier. When a person sleeps in a pair of contacts, their eyelid acts as a second barrier, according to [American Academy of Ophthalmology spokesman, Thomas] Steinemann.

“If patients ask the safest thing to do I would say take the lens out [when sleeping,]” Steinemann said. “When you have the plastic contact lens over the eye, you are depriving the eye of oxygen but also increasing the risk of germs attacking the cornea.”

Chad is now blind in one eye.

You don’t really need to see the picture to ram the point home, but we’ll show you anyways. Ready?

You sure?



If you’re fond of your eyes, you won’t go OTT on the meth either.


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