Allison Brie Offered Dave Franco MDMA And A Great Night Together On Their First Date

The basis of any great relationship.

Dave Franco and Allison Brie have been together for over a decade now and she’s currently starring in his new movie ‘Somebody I Used To Know’, so obviously GQ had to get them together to perform a ‘Couple’s Quiz’ in order to promote it – and to be fair they’ve come up with some pretty juicy answers here.

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Number one here though is definitely the story of Brie and Franco’s first date and how Franco knew that he was falling in love with her when she offered him some molly (MDMA) at Mardi Gras. Allison Brie tells the story below:

We’re in New Orleans at Mardi Gras. We’re with a mutual friend, Jules. She invites Dave to dinner with us.

Then at dinner, booze is flowing readily, and Dave is sitting next to Jules, and Jules texts me. So I check my texts under the table, I have a text from Jules that’s like, you should hook up with Dave tonight. And I’m like, ‘Yes, please.’ So little do I know, Jules shows you the text under the table and is like, ‘Alison across the table, look at this idea.

And I came up to you and I said, ‘I have some Molly, and I think we should split it and have a great night together’.

What a great meet cute that is, right? Although it’s the kind of thing that you probably wouldn’t expect to blossom into a decade plus relationship. Maybe the fact they were just so open and touching each other all the time and majorly into each of other because of the molly set the foundations for a lifelong connection between them? Worth a try I suppose if you’re still smarting off Valentine’s Day.

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