It’s Time To Give Up On Life Because Alligators Can Now Climb Trees


Holy shit.

There used to be something reassuring about the fact that if ever a wild animal like a crocodile or a bear or a shark was after you and trying to kill you, then you should be able to get away from it by climbing a tree as they haven’t yet mastered how to do that.

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Wrong. According to the tweet below from some guy called Ronald Saracino of Cape Coral, Florida, alligators are now able to climb up trees and lay in wait for you:

Holy shit. What’s even worse is that it actually isn’t all that uncommon, as Amy Sera, an educator at the Calusa Nature Centre in Fort Myers tells us:

They are more agile than people give them credit for.

It’s common for gators to climb things, such as fences, if they need to.

I’ve seen pictures of crocodiles doing that behaviour. It gives them a little bit better view of their territory.

Cold blooded animals get their energy from the sun and the warmth. So, they are more active in the summer.

So yeah, that basically means that if you’re imposing on an alligator’s territory or it’s even thinking that you might be, then it’s going to climb up a tree, stake you out, decide whether or not you actually are staking it out and then probably decide the best point to get you and jump out of the tree and eat you. Evolution pal.

Thankfully we live in England where alligator attacks probably aren’t all that common, but I imagine they probably will have figured out how to emigrate over here by about 2025 judging by the way it’s going. They’ve already figured out how to ring doorbells to get you, don’t you know?


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