VIDEO: Man Arrested For Throwing Live Alligator Through Drive Thru Window

Man Throws Gator Wendy's

Only in Florida.

A 23 year old man from Florida named Joshua James has been accused of throwing a live alligator through the drive thru window of a Wendy’s fast food restaurant. His motivations for the act at this time are unclear.

It’s being said that he pulled up for his order at the window and after the server handed him a drink he threw the three and a half foot long alligator he had in the back of his truck through the window. The gator wandered around the restaurant scaring everyone before it was managed to be subdued. It was then released into a nearby canal.

Although the incident happened in October, James has only just been picked up by US Marshals for his role in it. He’s now been accused of aggravated assault and unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator. Apparently he’s already admitted to picking up the alligator at the side of the road and driving it to Wendy’s so he’s pretty fucked on that charge.

In case you don’t believe that this is true, here’s a news report on incident:

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Absolutely mental. I mean what was James thinking, it’s not like he’s even given a reason for his actions. I mean maybe if he was on bath salts or had some kinda beef with an employee or the restaurant then it might be (slightly) more understandable, but as it is it’s just completely ridiculous.

It’s not as ridiculous as the story about the guy who kidnapped an alligator and periodically raped it though. Also in Florida.


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