Alleged Sex Cult Leader William Control Has Released New Music Telling His Victims To Kill Themselves

William Control

Keeping in character.

Over the summer, we were one of the first news outlets to report on William Control and the idea that  he was the leader fo some bizarre sex cult where he basically took BDSM way too far, brainwashing women into letting him beat them up and convincing them that their only purpose in life was to be their slaves.

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Following these allegations from multiple news outlets, Control announced on his Facebook page that he was retiring from the music industry and the public eye, but it’s not even been six months and he’s back with some new music which victims are taking as a direct threat to their safety. In the video to one track, he prances around with a gun, pretty much jacking it off and aiming it at the camera, and in another song he says lyrics like ‘You ugly lonely worthless human waste, here’s a knife and a bottle please just swallow it whole. And slit your own throat’ which seem to be encouraging his victims to kill themselves.

Well, I mean there’s no seems to be, they’re straight up doing that. You can take a listen to them below but be warned – both songs are really bad, even by William Control’s standards:

Awful and even worse when you consider that they’re actually thinly veiled threats to the women whose lives he has already destroyed. One of the victims had this to say about their release:

In it he tells the subject that they are worthless, that they’re nothing without him, and that they should kill themselves.

He goes on to describe the ways the subject should use to do so. It is absolutely vile and disgusting, just like him.

He told me many times that I should kill myself, and also that I would one day kill myself for him, at a time of his choosing, and that he would watch.

He said similar to many other of his victims too.

The lyrics make light of mental illness, and of the severe distress that he has caused to scores of women over the years.

His actions and his denials and his victim-shaming and his insistence on playing the innocent victim mean that we are forced to relive our abuse over and over again.

I have been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of the abuse I received from this man, and him attempting to stroll back into the spotlight have made the flashbacks and the nightmares and the anxiety and the suicidal thoughts (I have depression too) so much worse.”

Ugh that sounds like a completely awful situation and headspace to be in and I’m not really sure how his victims will ever process this unless he disappears and/or is arrested. The police have failed to press charges after the initial round of allegations though and he’s already re-emerged after three months despite saying that he’s leaving the scene forever. It looks like it’s going to be a long fight against this asshole.

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