Alien Prequel: Prometheus


We take a closer look at the spaceship and namesake featured in the upcoming Ridley Scott sci-fi epic.


You can’t deny it; Ridley Scott has an impressive filmography, and this Summer’s is-it/isn’t-it Alien prequel, Prometheus, looks set to continue the director’s trend of making blockbuster bangers. It’s probably the movie I’m most looking forward to seeing this year – maybe even more so than The Dark Knight Rises, and I’d pretty much give a nut to see that movie right now. I just can’t see Ridley fvcking up a sci-fi flick.

As we creep ever closer to the June release date, 20th Century Fox are keeping our appetites firmly whetted with stills and promotional material for the film, including this new image — our first proper look at the USCSS Prometheus and its specifications.

The USCSS Prometheus

You can bet that the Medical Bay is gonna see plenty of action, huh? If you’re desperate for more, head over to Project Prometheus for some nice high-res shots and if, like me, you just can’t wait until it drops, there’s always that incredible trailer…


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