Alien: Easter Edition

An Alien/Easter crossover movie featuring some guy who was in The Inbetweeners.

People are going Alien crazy this year, what with the Alien prequel Prometheus starring everyone’s favourite IT boy Michael Fassbender hitting us this summer, and it seems as though some people couldn’t wait and so have unleashed this Easter treat for us. Some English comedy ‘collective’ have made this Alien spoof replacing the alien eggs with easter eggs. Apparently somebody who was in the Inbetweeners is in it although I didn’t recognise who it was.

Anyway, it’s kinda funny and worth a watch, it’s nothing mindblowing though. I figured I had to post something about Easter though and this was the first thing I could find that was half decent and not just about Jesus or God or the Easter bunny or any of that bullshit, and everyone likes Alien so I figured a few people would enjoy it at least. It’s going off all over the blogosphere too so why be let behind? It’s surprisingly high budget for something like this too – I can’t really understand WHY exactly it was made though?

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