Aldi’s Perfect Draft Machine Goes On Sale This Weekend And It’s £350 Cheaper Than Amazon

Get ready for summer.

I’m not really sure why people would be interested in pouring their own draft pints this summer when pubs are finally going to be fully open from Monday and presumably completely and utterly packed for the duration, but in case you are Aldi are launching their budget version that’s probably better than the expensive version over the weekend.

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The Philips Perfect draft machine will go on sale on Sunday May 16th and is part of the SpecialBuys range which means that you’ll have to head to your local store at opening time or make sure you keep refreshing the website because once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. It’ll set you back £199.99 which sounds super expensive, but when you compare it to a similar product on Amazon then it’s £350 cheaper so you know this is the one you want.

Aldi stuff is always completely awesome quality too despite its tacky reputation, so that’s something else you might want to factor in. It’s definitely going to be the best and most cost effective version of this on the market, so it might be worth getting out of bed early on Sunday for it.

Here’s what Aldi said about the product:

There is nothing better than a refreshing cold glass of beer and what better way to have it than in the comfort of your own home with the Philips Perfect Draft Machine.

This draft machine provides up to 30 days of fresh beer and chilled to 3°C. Its robust design has a solid insulation and features an LCD display so you can keep track of the temperature, volume and freshness of your beer, whatever the weather. Please note: Kegs not included.

Yeah, you will of course also have to buy the kegs but it actually works out fairly cheap for a keg anyway in the grand scheme of things. You can order a bunch of six litre kegs (10 pints) on Amazon for around £30 – £35 if you’re up for it – personally I think I would probably rather just go to the pub.

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