Aldi Have Released An Anti Snore Pillow For £4.99


Say goodbye to sleepless nights.

There’s nothing worse than sharing a bed with someone who snores uncontrollably – or so I’ve been told by multiple people – but now it looks like your sleepless nights could be over thanks to this cheap new product courtesy of Aldi.

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The bargain supermarket have released what they’re calling the ‘Slumberdown Anti Snore Pillow’ as part of their weekly ‘Special Buys’ range. Here’s what its descriptions says:

Whether it’s you or another family member, this specially designed pillow raises the head during sleep to keep the airways open, ensuring the night can go by without too much noise.


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I’m not sure if that’s gonna 100% work for everyone – or if it’s even going to be that comfortable or appropriate for all the different range of positions your body can assume whilst you’re trying to sleep – but I suppose for only £4.99 it’s probably worth testing out right? And if you’ve got any other problems whilst sleeping, they’re also offering and Orthopaedic Support Pillow for £4,99 and a Kirkton House Relaxation Pillow, for £5.99 in the ‘Special Buys’ range too.

Might as well pick them all up I guess and hope for the best? You’ll only be £15 down and if they don’t work I suppose you could always give them someone for a present or put them on your couch or something? Go on.

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