Alcoholic Dad Flogs His Baby To Stranger For £270 So He Can Buy More Booze

Bargain baby.

An alcoholic dad has been arrested after he reportedly sold his baby son so he could by more drink.

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Balaram Mukhi from the village of Astal in the eastern Indian state of Odisha has been accused of selling the 11-month-old for just £270 (seems pretty cheap) and using the money to buy booze. The rest he used to buy a £23 mobile and £18 silver bracelet… for his seven-year-old daughter. Harsh – we definitely know who’s the favourite in this family.

Alcoholic dad

It’s not known yet whether the mum was involved in this dodgy deal yet, although the police have taken her in for questioning and so should get to the bottom of it soon.

Bhadrak police superintendent Anup Sahoo said of Mukhi:

He works as a sweeper and seems to be a habitual criminal.

According to police, Mukhi’s brother-in-law Balia and a childcare worker were also involved in the crime.

The three got an opportunity to make money when they met a couple in their 60s.

The couple were allegedly devastated when their son died in 2012 aged 24 and so they agreed to buy the baby from Mukhi to help the wife get over her depression. There are no reports on the whereabouts of this baby now or what’s going to happen to Mukhi but I’m hoping that the kid goes to a proper home where he is loved and looked after and I’m also hoping that Mukhi goes to jail and quits the booze. You know your habit’s out of hand when you’re willing to flog your new born baby to fund it.

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