The Top 20 Commentary Videos For Sergio Aguero’s Last Minute Winner

Watch the whole damn world and their crazy reactions to Kun Aguero’s last minute winner at the weekend.

OK, so if you read Sick Chirpse you probably know that we all love football and you’ll probably agree with us that Sunday was probably the best finale to a Premier League season ever. Of course, the debate probably rages amongst most people over whether it was actually a good thing that Manchester City won the title because they effectively bought it, but I’m sure I’m not in the minority when I say that anyone that finally wipes the smile off Fergie’s face via his own patented method of scoring late late goals is in my good books. I even jumped on the couch when it went in. Admittedly I was wishing that Mario Balotelli had scored it though. And then not even bothered to celebrate. Probably better for everyone that Kun bagged it though.

It would have only been better if QPR and that twat Joey Barton had been relegated and Bolton had stayed up. But that’s fairly inconsequential for me because it was still fvcking awesome. So awesome in fact, that my friends over at 101 Great Goals (they’re not really my friends but I nab some sweet videos off them. I kinda wish were friends) collected all the best commentary videos of the goal from all over the world. So yeah, now you can relive Kun’s one two with Balotelli, sumptuous fake past the despairing dive of Onouha and rocket the ball into the net, to the tones of 20 different commentators. You also get to see Joe Hart run around in a circle with his arms out like a plane a bunch of times, which was definitely one of my favourite parts of the day. Anyway, predictable the crazy Argentinian commentators that shout ‘GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL’ a bunch of times then ‘nah nah, nah nah nah hey hey hey kun aguero’ is probably the best, but you know notable mentions have to go to Paul Merson, the French team, the Norwegian guys, the Swedish guys and of course the fan reactions. Check them out below and on the following pages:

Crazy Argentinian Commentator:

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Martin Tyler on Sky Sports (I swear you’ll never see anything like this again, watch it, drink it in, after having a Gary Neville style orgasm)

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 Ian Darke on ESPN (Who is writing this stuff? OH MY GOD. The team who came back from the dead, this is beyond belief!)

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Peter Drury on Fox Sports (Staggering! Just staggering! NB This is probably best for the gasps of the guy filming it.)

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Match of the Day (Manchester City winnnnnnnnnnnner. An amazing, amazing day – the likes of which we have never seen!)

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