Here’s The Aftermath Of A Snapchat Party That Left Luxury Flat Owner With £40,000 Bill

It got absolutely destroyed.

Whenever you rent out your property, there’s always the risk that whoever is hanging out there is going to completely ransack the place but thankfully most of the time people are normal and realise that this just isn’t the way to behave.

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There is always the 1% though and that’s what sadly happened to a man named William when he rented out his luxury flat in Belfast through at the weekend. William says that he rented the flat to an unnamed 16 year old girl’s mother and she then posted the address on her Snapchat saying that there was a party and well, the place got completely and utterly trashed as you can see from the pictures in this post.

Apparently about 40 people showed up with sledgehammers and just went wild on the place in scenes that that sound like they’re from some kind of post apocalyptic zombie movie or something. Get a load of this:

William is now faced with a £40,000 repair bill that he fears he’ll never be able to reclaim from the mother or Here’s what he had to say about the situation:

The extent of the destruction is unbelievable, it makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach.

There is now a hole in the wall between the kitchen and hall because they used sledgehammers to break through.

The windows have been smashed, doors broke, the kitchen and bathrooms are wrecked, everything is ruined.

I mean if you look at those before and after pics it really is kinda hard to believe that they were the same place with only a day or so difference. are predictably passing the buck only offering to waive the £9.80 booking fee – gee thanks – and saying that William needs to talk to local law enforcement in order to rectify his problem. Really think they should have some kind of policy in place where the person trashing the place gets sued straight away or something, but then I’m not the CEO of a massive company like that so what do I know?

The 16 year old girl has at least been arrested and is being investigated on suspicion of criminal damage, but it’s doubtful William will receive the £40,000 in damages and the money from a whole bunch of lost bookings because of the mess. Absolutely wounder.

For more houses getting trashed, look at the damage caused at this landlord’s house by his tenant of three years. Unbelievable.


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