Afroman Just Punched A Female Fan In The Face On Stage During His Performance And Got Arrested

Because he got high probably.

Remember Afroman and his worldwide smash hit ‘Because I Got High’ from back at the turn of the millennium? If not, check it out below:

Classic tune right? Amazingly, it seems like Afroman is still making music and performing live, but it’s taken the fact that he got arrested for punching a female fan live on stage for anyone to actually notice this.

It went down in Biloxi, Mississippi (where!?) when the unidentified woman got on stage and just kind of approached Afroman and started grinding up next to him, then out of nowhere he turned and let off a giant haymaker right in her kisser. Seriously, he didn’t hold anything back with that shot, no way.

Even though the woman was bleeding and crying on the floor of the stage, Afroman kept performing until the house lights went up and he was then arrested by the cops and taken away in handcuffs. Security helped the woman off the stage.

Afroman’s rep stated that Afroman had no idea if the fan was a man or woman, but just reacted as he would if anyone had hit the stage and interrupted one of his shows. The rep also made it very clear that it was totally out of character for Afroman to do anything like this (who would even know/care? Nobody has even talked about him for a decade) and that the venue were very lax with their security, which was why this woman was allowed on stage.

Even though there’s a strong history of musicians hitting people who get on stage – remember when Fat Mike from NOFX walloped this dude for grabbing him? – you can’t really go around knocking girls out like this, even if you are Afroman. I don’t think ‘because I got high’ is gonna work as an excuse this time dude.


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