Ads Are Going To Start Targeting Babies Thanks To A Babypod Vagina Speaker


The next generation of marketing.

A company named Babypod have created the first intravaginal audio device.

The invention was created by a Spanish firm and allows a woman’s smartphone to connect to it via a cord. It is then operated by an app (obviously), which allows the woman to choose the music she is playing into her vagina to her unborn child. It was inspired by research which illustrated that foetuses responded to singing and speaking in the womb and that this would aid their development and intelligence.

There is an option for an external speaker too, but it’s more muffled than the internal one, which allows music to be played at a volume of 54 decibels. This is roughly the level of noise made by a hushed conversation, so mothers could feasibly walk around with the Babypod plugged into the vagina playing music and nobody would be any the wiser. Fantastic.

The product was launched by what the company described as the ‘first concert for foetuses ever held in the world’ – whatever that means – performed by Eurovision singer Soraya Arnelas. Good to see they got the big guns in for it.

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Of course, these days nobody actually bothers to download their own music and everyone streams it off Spotify, which means it’s highly likely that your baby might be getting an earful of advertising in the womb if you decide to use Babyhood. This could lead to the next generation of marketing, with advertisers actually targeting foetuses in an attempt to create brand loyalty before they’re even out of the womb. The future is now people.

Babypod have stated that they only intend for the speaker to be used for music, but how many times have we seen companies abandon their original mission statement in order to make big bucks? I mean just look at Twitter yesterday, thinking about abandoning their 140 character limit for 10,000 characters. I give it a couple of years tops.


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