Adrian Chiles Horrified After Finding Out Guy Makes £1000/Day Impersonating Him On OnlyFans



When I think of OnlyFans, I definitely don’t think of Adrian Chiles.

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In fact I would say he’s somewhere right at the bottom of people I might think of when someone brings up the term, so it’s surprising to find out that there’s a guy out there who claims to be making £1000 a day from pretending to be Adrian Chiles on OnlyFans. I guess if you have an unfortunate resemblance to the television presenter then you might as well try and make something out of it?

Anyway, the news came about in an article in the Sunday Sport which claimed that there was a subset of weirdoes out there that called themselves ‘Chillies’ and paid this man called Mike to act out their fantasies regarding Chiles, including having him jerk off whilst reading out the weekend’s football scores. I’m fairly certain this isn’t actually true as the Sunday Sport is well known for making up ridiculous stories like this, but strangely enough the articles found its way to Chiles himself, who was absolutely shocked that anything like this could be happening to him.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

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The pictures featured an all but naked man with his bits obscured.

He looked a little like me.

Gingerly, I expanded the image so I could read the text. As soon as I’d got the gist of the story, recoiling in horror, I pinched the page smaller again so I could read no more.

My emotional response to all this has taught me a few things about myself, good and bad. Mostly bad.

It must say something awful about me that I can’t shake off a distinct feeling of pride. I put this down to an inherent lack of self-esteem, mixed into a heady cocktail of twisted vanity.

If I found out the story was entirely made up, I’d be relieved but also a little disappointed.

And finally, I must admit I did think, if only briefly, that this chap’s making a grand a day, and if things went very wrong for me – well, never say never.

That’s quite a weird response isn’t it? And it’s also weird that he even acknowledged something like this that was clearly a very weird parody. Whole story is just really stupid and strange to be honest. Must try harder.

For more of the same, check out this article where we tried to figure out who was a bigger twat out of Mark Lawrenson and Adrian Chiles. Not as easy as it might sound.



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