Addicted To Beatboxing: Beating The Habit

Beating The Habit

If you’re going to watch anything this month, watch this.

Beating The Habit

We get a lot of shit come through to the Sick Chirpse inbox. We also get a lot of stuff that’s OK but definitely not a Sick Chirpse. This morning Beating The Habit landed in our inbox and we can safely say it’s definitely a Sick Chirpse. The video’s still pretty fresh to YouTube so consider yourselves lucky to be some of the first eyes to watch it. Beating The Habit is a mockumentary about a dude who’s addicted to beatboxing who eventually realises he has a problem and seeks out help. Forget about us talking about it, just watch it. Enjoy.

“I was doing anywhere from 60BPM to 150BPM” – classic.

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