8 Actors Rumoured To Play Patrick Bateman In The Modern Remake Of American Psycho



It looks like we’re getting a modern remake of American Psycho, a film that has stood the test of time largely thanks to a brilliant performance by a young Christian Bale. The question is – which actor will Lionsgate line up to portray the psychotic Patrick Bateman in a remake 24 years later?

There are a few names doing the rounds, so let’s take a look at them…

1. Glenn Howerton


This would make sense. If you’ve ever seen ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’, Howerton’s character has serious Patrick Bateman vibes as an amoral, perverted narcissistic with Borderline Personality Disorder. Could easily handle the American Psycho role.

2. Alexander Skarsgård

To play the lead man in American Psycho, you need to be able to pull off being cold and menacing while also being incredibly charismatic. Although Alexander Skarsgård is (shockingly) 47 years old, I still think he could pull a brilliant Patrick Bateman, but they’ll probably go with someone younger.

3. Jacob Elordi

One of the more obvious names that’s being bandied about. He literally looks like a deepfake video of someone putting Jacob Elordi’s face on Patrick Bateman’s body, if Patrick Bateman was 6ft 5, that is. He’s got the looks and the slick charm to pull it off, and it’s probably an opportune moment for a role like this following his starmaking performance in Saltburn.

4. Kieran Culkin

If you’ve seen ‘Succession’, then you’ll know this makes sense. Kieran Culkin played a sociopathic little freak who got a weird thrill out of humiliating and degrading people, all whilst weaseling his way up the business ladder. Add a bit of murder and you’ve basically got Patrick Bateman.

5. Anna Kendrick

This is a light rumour, but it’s worth mentioning. We all know Hollywood likes a female remake, and if they were going to go in that direction, you might as well go with an actress who has shown Patrick Bateman-esque levels of derangement in roles like ‘A Simple Favour’. Would it really be so bad?

6. Tom Holland

This one would be completely out of left field, but maybe not such a bad idea? He’s a great actor and has this “cute” and innocent persona attached to him since being Spider-Man. Playing an unhinged, dead-eyed psychopath would be a great departure for him and really allow Tom Holland to show some range (if he has it).

7. Armie Hammer

Who better to play an American Psycho than an actual, real life American Psycho? I seriously doubt Armie Hammer is in contention given he’s essentially blacklisted from Hollywood for his admitted cannibalism kink (among other perversions), but it does seem to be a name popular with fans of the original who are debating who should be cast. Would be the perfect choice, to be fair. Alas.

8. Christian Bale (again)

He could just lose a few years of age to play the part, then quickly put them back on again in a few months for his next movie. By bringing Christian Bale back into his most iconic role, they could even turn into it an American Psycho sequel, rather than a remake! Imagine Patrick Bateman in the Bitcoin/Gigachad era?

Or, ideally, they could just leave the film alone and come up with an original idea for once, but we all know that’s rarely how Hollywood does things anymore. Still, hopefully it’s somewhat decent. The original film was so good that even a dodgy remake probably won’t ruin its legacy.

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