This could actually be the best one of all time.

I know I say this all the time on Sick Chirpse (see: Best own goal ever, Top 3 Russian own goals of all time, bizarre dale bennett own goal) but this really is one of the best and most ridiculously stupid own goals I’ve ever seen. The one in ‘best own goal ever’ is definitely the most skilful one I’ve ever seen but this one is completely different and on a whole different level of stupid. Sure, I don’t think it’s in an actual competitive match and I have no idea where these guys are playing – I think it might be some Arab country (sorry that sounds really casually racist but I’m typing this in a rush) due to the language used on the YouTube video but I don’t know any arab country that would look like the one in the video – but that doesn’t really detract from how stupid and awesome the own goal is, although I doubt it could ever happen in a real competitive match for reasons that will become obvious when you watch it. If anyone has any more information about this drop us a comment!

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