Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (New Trailer)

Turns out Abraham Lincoln wasn’t just one of the best presidents, but also a vampire hunter.

I know I said last week when I stuck up the trailer to the new Quentin Tarantino movie that I didn’t post trailers too often on Sick Chirpse but it looks like that its going to change because here I am dropping another one. We actually mentioned this movie a few months ago when AMJ did an article about the best vampire slayers and I thought it sounded cool but I didn’t think it would look anywhere near as cool as it does in this trailer.

Basically it turns out Abraham Lincoln was a vampire slayer in his spare time (you know when he wasn’t busy running the country) and went around killing vampires and being a general badass. From the trailer it also looks like he got laid a couple of times too, kinda like a James Bond for the 1800’s. The guy who directed Wanted (Timur Bekmambetov) directed it so you can probably guess that there will be a lot of slow motion fighting and jumping around which is pretty cool. Tim Burton is involved too as a producer (?!?) – so you know that that authentic gothic edge will be provided which can only be a good thing. He probably should have just directed it because it looks way better than that stupid Johnny Depp vampire comedy movie that just came out. Way better.

Check out the trailer to Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter below:

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