La Blogotheque

La Blogotheque does it again with two unmissable music videos

La Blogotheque

Vincent Moon, well known for his Youtube work as LaBlogotheque, has been filming live ‘Take-Away Shows’ or ‘Les Concert A Emporter’ since April 2006. His videos show musicians like Bon Inver, R.E.M, Arcade Fire and even Tom Jones, giving live performances of their songs. All of this while immersed in the cobbled streets, bistro bars, rooftops, lifts and theatres of La Belle Paris.

I’ve been hanging on his every upload for a long time now and his latest far from disappoint.

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First Aid Kit; there’s always been something intriguing about them. Ever since they performed the Fleet Foxes cover ‘Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’. Teamed up with LaBlogotheque, they’ve done it again- created something people can’t ignore.

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Lianne La Havas, a 22 year-old London born folk and soul singer; A prime example of quality music that some people may have missed- that I certainly would have missed- had it not been for LaBlogotheque.

The great thing about these videos is that it’s not just fancy, arty-farty music videos. Moon creates these little films that tell a story to the watcher. Without him and his creatively filmed videos, our lives would be much less filled with unmissable music (пескоуловитель).


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