A New £1 Million Inflatable Theme Park Is Opening In The UK

Looks like a lot of fun.

The UK has a load of amusement parks but you know what it could do with? One more completely inflatable one.

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The million pound inflatable theme park is going to be a 30,000 foot indoor inflatable facility called AirX that will be located near Stoke in the popular Festival Park area which already features a bunch of attractions like Waterworld and I dunno, Nando’s or something. It’s set to open in early 2019 and will create over 50 full time jobs in the area.

Here’s what investor Darren Zabinski had to say about the new facility:

There are currently around ten large-scale inflatable theme parks in the UK, however, we’re looking to bring something a little different to the world of inflatables.

We’re really excited to be opening this new family attraction in Stoke on Trent. Each of our carefully designed action obstacle courses are unique, challenging and most importantly, fun! We’re combining traditional with next generation and there is absolutely something for everyone to enjoy.

I mean it does look like it’s going to be a blast  – how can you not have fun bouncing around on stuff and doing a bunch of challenges? It’s gonna be suitable for adults and children alike and have loads of fun cool activities so hopefully it’ll be fun for people of all ages and sizes. Only problem is that it’s going to be in Stoke and I doubt anyone is gonna wanna travel too far for this, but I suppose everyone in Stoke will have a blast having a go on it so there’s that. Not like they’ve got much going on most of the time eh?

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