A Guy Is Making Completely Sick Modified NES Gaming Consoles



The NES – or Nintendo Entertainment System if you want to be specific – is fondly remembered as one of the pioneers of the gaming world, as it was one of the first ever home entertainment systems, but it never looked as cool as it does here.

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Most people threw their NESs away when the SNES or N64 or whatever came out, but anyone who has a working one can sell them for a pretty nifty price now as there are a lot of collectors out there desperate to play on them again. And do you know what’s even cooler than a fully working NES? A fully working custom NES branded with one of your favourite games.

That’s exactly what this dude called Custom NES Guy is offering via his Facebook page, although it looks like his days of fixing them up in specific styles for customers are done and he’s just selling the few leftovers he has on eBay now – they go for around $350 if you’re interested. That doesn’t mean we can’t look upon all these completely sick designs and wish we had one ourselves though:

nes-batman nes-castlevania nes-double-dragon nes-mario nes-megaman nes-metal-gear nes-punch-out nes-spy-vs-spy nes-zelda nes-zelda-2

Completely and utterly awesome eh? Think my favourite is the Castlevania one or the Mario one.

Imagine someone coming over to your house and seeing that in your living room – they would almost certainly completely lose their shit. Not sure if I would bother playing on it that much, but hey looking good/cool is the main thing right?

If you do actually want to play NES games though – and look kinda cool in the process too – then you can always pick up one of those miniatures NESs with thirty in built games that just got released, provided you can get your hands on one. Retro.


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