A Beloved Dog Cooked To Death In A Car Because A Ferry Firm Refused To Let Him Out


Fucking assholes.

Dogs and children being left in hot cars while their owners/parents are at the store is a big issue at the moment, because it can easily end up with them dying if their owners don’t manage their time effectively. That fact is perhaps what makes this story even more surprising, as a ferry company didn’t let Staffie Oliver out of the car on the crossing from Dover to Dunkirk.

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As a result, Lisa Hall’s beloved dog ended up cooked to death on the ferry. Absolutely savage. Hall says she’ll never get over the fact that she returned to her vehicle to find her pet dead, and I can’t say I blame her because that’s an absolutely atrocious situation to have to deal with. Bet the holiday was fucking shit afterwards as well.

Despite having one of the worst experiences I think that can ever happen to anyone, Hall is determined that something positive is to come of it and has started a petition demanding that ferry companies change their rules with regards to pets crossing on them:


We are asking you to kindly sign our petition for the laws to be changed on animals travelling on ferries.

Oliver died on a DFDS ferry this month. DFDS’s rules and regulations means that on some routes dogs travelling have to be kept in cars.

Our trip was just two hours long but Oliver’s body couldn’t cope. We followed all the procedures – windows open, lots of water as per DFDS rules. Oliver died through overheating… Oliver died alone in our car.

Hot temperatures literally cook the brain and the delicate tissues of the body resulting in serious illness and frequent deaths.

DFDS need to stop forcing owners to keep their dogs in cars while travelling on ferries and to find alternative arrangements to keep animals safe and comfortable.

It seems to have worked too, as the petition already has 300,000 signatures and DFDS have announced that they’re reviewing their policies following Oliver’s tragic death. Maybe they could call the new rules ‘The Oliver Law’ or something. RIP.

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