A Beginners Guide To TikTok

With over 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing social media platforms around. With more people looking for fun, spontaneous, and creative ways to share content with friends, family, and strangers online, TikTok provides an avenue to create short videos with filters, music, and other fascinating features. Due to the demand for increased user engagement, Bumped says you should buy TikTok followers & Likes.  

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The likes on your videos attract engagement

Not every content on TikTok gets the same level of engagement. This is because many users get drawn to videos that have many likes, which ultimately leads to many shares. Unfortunately, even if your videos are entertaining, educational, funny, or engaging, this is not enough to attract the attention of other users. 

With millions of videos shared daily, you can imagine how vast your reach needs to be for you to get the views and shares your video needs to be considered relevant. Things get easier when your content becomes popular. You won’t have to spend much time attempting to get TikTok users to notice you have posted a video. However, to get to this comfortable place, you need to start with buying likes and followers.

Music is the heart of most videos

When posting a video on TikTok, it is critical to choose a popular song, since sometimes, your video may be widely shared not because of the content but for the song you chose. Fortunately, it is easy to add a sound since there are several artists and records in the streaming menu. The music is not full length, so be considerate of the duration of the video when choosing the music to use. The sound is typically 15-60 seconds long.  

Attract an audience by creating unique, yet relatable content

While having unique content is critical, you also need to be up to date. TikTok users are quickly excited by new material, which ultimately means they will be ready to share a funny or informative video that they have never seen before.

Even if you are new to TikTok, you can quickly become a trendsetter if you are creative with your videos. Content that is uniquely yours, but relatable with a significant number of users, gives videos authenticity. Before long, you’ll have people looking out for new videos from you. 

Video quality matters

If you don’t want your video to be one of the unseen or forgotten videos, you need to make an impact. You may have the right content, but if the lighting is poor, you’ll miss a fantastic opportunity of growing an audience. Besides getting lighting right, you need to make sure the video syncs with the sound and that your movements coordinate with the beat and words.

Choose a relevant hashtag

When posting a video, ensure you use a hashtag that is relevant to the video you are creating. Fortunately, you can search for hashtags on TikTok if you don’t want to come up with one. From the list of hashtags you get, pick one that most relates to your video. 

TikTok is a fun app that could very well boost your brand and become a source of income if you become an influencer for brands on TikTok. Whatever your motive of joining TikTok, if you do it right from the beginning, you’ll see an impact much faster.


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