Check Out This Completely Insane 90s Anti Drug Video

Anti-drugs video

I’d rather check out some rad freestylers.

There are so many anti-drug ads out there, some good, some not so good. One thing you can pretty much always rely on is that if it is American and from the 90s, then it’s going to be cheesy as hell.

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With regards to cheesiness, this video takes the biscuit. The characters seem to live in some alternate universe where at every corner they turn, some kid is trying to offer them a huff on some crack pills (huh?) or some paedo in a biker jacket is offering them a fair deal on an ounce of kush. And the acting is just something else – I felt like I was in year 7 drama class all over again. Check it:

How about that huh? I hope you kids have learned something there – only trust the pills that your mum gives you when you’re sick and say no to the kid in the tie dye shirt. He’s bad news. Do you know what is cool? Girls and rad freestylers. Now there’s something we should say yes to.

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