Guy Sends His 89 Year Old Grandfather On Hilarious Tinder Dates

89 Year Old Grandad Tinder Dates

Well, that wasn’t what they were expecting.

Getting a girl to meet up with you on Tinder is a lot harder than it might seem, basically because everyone is sceptical that you’re not actually going to look anything like your profile picture or because you’re actually a bonafide psychopath just doing whatever they can to get a girl out to meet them. Of course, these are the positively good guys on Tinder (at least at first) and not the Tinder Nightmares or Twats on Tinder that people seem to regularly encounter all the time as well.

One guy tried to turn this idea on its head completely by not even trying to be anywhere near the person that was supposed to show up for the date, and instead introducing the hapless victims to his 89 year old granddad instead. They thought that they were meeting up with a 21 year old filmmaker, but were actually meeting up with a guy who was using a picture that was taken shortly after World War II.

As you can imagine, the results were suitably hilarious and were filmed by the veteran’s filmmaker grandson – who then tried to pick up the girls when they realised what was going on. Yeah, that isn’t going to be awkward or creepy at all is it?


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