Watch The Trailer For The Movie Dubbed ‘The Dullest Film Ever Made’


Counting sheep.

When it comes to experimental cinema, there’s a lot of weird stuff out there that makes you wonder why anyone would knowingly want to make it and this movie ‘Baa Baa Land’ is certainly going to fall into that category.

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The film is being described as an eight hour slow motion epic that focuses on a bunch of sheep in a field doing literally nothing for its duration. Many of the shots last between half an hour and an hour and just feature a bunch of sheep standing in a field.

Apparently it’s a homage to an Andy Warhol movie about the Empire State Building called ‘Empire’, where he simply filmed the building for eight hours. The movie is made by a mindfulness company called Calm, whose co-founder Michael Acton Smith said the following:

Many laughed at Empire but it’s now considered a classic.

We hope viewers can sit back, wind down and drift off to the sheep and find peaceful calm in a world of constant stress and information overload, of anxious days and restless nights.

We think that it’s the dullest movie ever made. We think so. We hope that audiences will too.

What an achievement? Not really sure who is actively going to watch this or attend a red carpet premiere of it at the Prince Charles cinema in London, but hey somehow it got made so there must be an audience for it somewhere right? Just not me.

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