70 Year Old ‘This Morning’ Caller Says Husband Keeps Going To Thailand And Sending Money There

What a dickhead.

Now that shows like ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ have all been cancelled, people are apparently calling up Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on ‘This Morning’ to talk about their ridiculous problems and you couldn’t have wished for a more tragic and ridiculous interaction than the one below.

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A 70 year old woman named Julie decided to ring up the ‘Dear Deirdre’ section of the show yesterday to discuss issues in her marriage, namely that her husband of 50 years was regularly disappearing off to Thailand without telling her and also sending money over there all the time too. You can watch the awkward and slightly sad clip below:

It’s normally on a Wednesday night he goes. I just come home, there’s no note, nothing, passport, gone, clothes gone.

I’m 70 now…I just don’t know what to do.

Hundreds of pounds have also been sent to this mystery person in Thailand.

I try to bring it up with him, but he just says it’s none of my business.

Damn, it’s a shame they’re aren’t any more of the clip because I really would like to see what else was said, but needless to say Holly, Phil and Deirdre all agreed that this dude’s behaviour was not OK and that Julie needed to do something about it ASAP and I think that’s probably something we can all get behind.

I suppose you can argue that people might get bored after 50 years of marriage and find their way onto the internet where they can start talking to see some young and desperate Thai bride (or groom!!) but just be straight up about that rather than a major dickhead like this guy is being, sneaking off to Thailand every other week without telling anyone. Really juvenile, lamewad behaviour. Hope Julie changes the locks immediately.

And how sad is it that she has nobody to talk to about this that she feels like the only option is to call up Holly and Phil and Dear Deirdre? Society seems more isolated than ever.

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